Le Thuy - Where is the place of peace' Statement

Wed Aug 2017 | Le Thuy's statement

I have a special love for traditional silk material. That is why I have used silk as the main medium in my creative process.

          Obsessed about a sense of place and space, I have asked myself a few questions: “where is a place of peace? Where do people live true to their nature?” To answer these questions, I have placed myself in different spaces. The interactions between spaces and people led me to appreciate the true value of life.  These interactions can be both specific or figurative in nature.

          I choose human figures, animals and nature and place them in imaginary settings with a narrative that is at times an opera, at times real life. I want to create an ambiguous, unreal space where there are hidden risks, struggles, loneliness and yearning for place where life is more beautiful. 

          I use silk because silk is a traditional material representing Eastern traditions. The softness of silk gives us a sense of mystery which is why I use silk to weave my personal stories.

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