Le Thuy - The Order' Statement

Fri Aug 2017 | Le Thuy's statement

I always have a feeling of cynical about life. What I can see is probably the tip of the iceberg, and the beauty that I can observe is not only the thing itself. Everything seems to follow a certain order, and the order is created based on some rules aiming to establish an organized and disciplined society.   

I place animals like fish, bird, and dog in an ordered layout to express my wondering. They can live in the natural order following groups, or species. They sometimes live separately. This is not against the order; but fostering the relationship. Like human society, there have been some individuals trying to protest, and make a change. The action is an essential part of creating the order, which might suppress emotion, freedom, and development of human.

These animals that I place in an empty, flat, and large composition to express my confusion. The colors of yellow, and glitter gold representing intangible values intermingled within the groups were added to illustrate tangible connections of individuals. Death and bondage also make me feel unsteady and lost. I decided to repress the composition, or set it aside to achieve visual and emotional expression. The simple colors that I have used are considered to beblurring; but it has made me obsessed non-stop.

I am really into Silk and using Silk because it is a unique material of the East. Silk is smooth, but it is weaved from extremely tight silk fibers. The crossing of those thin pieces is similar to the connection of individual in the society. Silk is slender, which urges me to enhance respect. I would like to portray obsession, harassing longing, secretiveness, no outburst, and no shockin my pictures; thus, Silk perfectly fits my needs.

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